What is Amplify Autistics

Amplify Autistic Voices, a project of The Autism Wars blog, is an open contribution blog and soapbox for autistic people of all ages who want to express who they are and share a wonderful, warm, positive, creative thing about themselves with the community. All Amplify contributions are the intellectual property of their authors/creators.

Within the Amplify project is the Black Voices campaign, begun by activist Kerima Cevik in protest of John Elder Robison's two part article "The Myth of the Black Aspergian". All participants in the Black Voices project agreed to contribute to show by their existence that people of color with any autism label are writing, creating, and speaking out on the internet; they are just not being heard. Mr. Robison has reached out to Amplify and after discussing the article and understanding why it would be offensive to people of color, he chose to retract it.

All titles are meant only to assist in categorizing contributions. The format is meant to be as plain as possible in order to emphasize the words and art of submissions. Amplify particularly tries to bring forward fresh faces and new voices, but powerful, familiars voices and talents may be seen here as well.

Happy surfing!

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