Sunday, July 12, 2015

With Liberty And Justice for All: Will Chuck Forget?

..."With Liberty And Justice For All" hopes to be a guest blogger series by Autistic teen voices against catastrophic violence to their neurodivergent peers that happens when preventable bullying events are ignored and escalate. Autistic teen activist Henry Frost leads with this moving post. A version of this article was previously published in Ollibean. kç

Will Chuck Forget?

Chuck is terrified to go to school. He has stuttering. Others laugh when he says something.
 He has a breakdown at school.

Some boys do feel bad but have no courage to tell and stand up for him. The teacher pretends nothing is wrong.

Chuck went missing.


Who is responsible?
What can his friends do if he is found?
What does it mean to watch and look the other way?
Will his teachers take initiative and how?
What can his family do?
Will Chuck forget?

End of  the story.

I wrote this story when I was in Austin with Soma in October 2013. It is part of a book of  stories for discussions.  Two Houses is one of the stories. There is another in Halo’s Voices and more.

 "If you are bullied, tell someone. It is not you who should feel shame. "


 Henry Frost: In 2012 Henry faced disability based discrimination when he was denied entry to the middle school across the street from his home. Then 12 year old Henry started “I STAND WITH HENRY” to take action against the segregation and low expectations he encountered and to empower others to stand together and demand full access to equal education in their neighborhoods. Henry’s international social media campaign garnered tens of thousands of supporters and he was allowed entry into his neighborhood school after months of negotiation. Henry went on to excel not only in General Education but it Advanced Honors and Gifted classes.He was the 2013 Recipient of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's Award for Service to the Self-Advocacy Movement. You can find Henry @istandwithhenry on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Annual Day Of Mourning 2015

This post is in support of the Annual Day of Mourning for People with Disabilities Murdered by their families or care providers. Follow this link to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's Vigil Page:

ASAN Annual Day of Mourning Poster 2015 credit Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Click here for the link to the virtual vigil: Remembrance
Tracy Latimer, age 12, 1993, gassed by her father 
• Charles-Antoine Blais, age 6, November 1996, drowned by his mother 
• Casey Albury, age 17, 1997, strangled by her mother 
• Pierre Pasquiou, age 10, 1998, pushed into the sea by his mother 
• Jim Helm, age 27, November 1998, killed by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Daniel Leubner, age 13, September 1999, burned alive by his mother 
• James Joseph Cummings Jr, age 46, November 1999, stabbed to death by his father in the institution where he lived 
• Justin Malphus, age 5, April 2000, beaten and drowned by his mother 
• Gabriel Britt, age 6, March 2001, suffocated by his father 
• Matthew Sutton, age 28, April 2001, killed by his parents 
• Johnny Churchi, age 13, 2001, strangled by his mother 
• Mark Owen Young, age 11, September 2001, poisoned and then pushed off a bridge by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Brahim Dukes, age 18, December 2001, starved by his stepmother 
• Lilian Leilani Gill, age 4, March 2002, strangled by her adoptive mother 
• Mitchell Dickson, age 10, June 2002, slashed to death by his mother 
• Dale Bartolome, age 27, July 2002, killed by his father in a murder-suicide 
• Jason Dawes, age 10, August 2003, suffocated by his mother 
• Maggie Caraballo, age 38, August 2003, beaten to death by her sister 
• Angelica Auriemma, age 20, December 2003, drowned by her mother, who first tried to electrocute her to death 
• Scott Olsen, age 29, December 2003, starved to death by his sister 
• Eric Bland, age 38, March 2004, starved to death by his sister 
• Scarlett Chen, age 4, July 2004, drowned by her mother 
• Patrick Markcrow, age 36, March 2005, drugged and suffocated by his mother 
• Tiffany Pinckney, age 23, April 2005, locked in a basement and starved to death by her sister and brother-in-law 
• Sarah Naylor, age 27, September 2005, shot by her mother in a murder-suicide 
• Ryan Davies, age 12, April 2006, drowned after his mother caused him to fall off of a bridge in a murder-suicide 
• Christopher DeGroot, age 19, May 2006, died of severe burns after he was locked in his parents’ apartment alone during a fire 
• Katie McCarron, age 3, May 2006, suffocated by her mother 
• William Lash III, age 12, July 2006, shot by his father in a murder-suicide 
• Lakesha Victor, age 10, August 2006, starved by her mother 
• Marcus Fiesel, age 4, August 2006, wrapped in heavy blankets by his foster parents and left in a closet to suffocate while they went out of town 
• Ulysses Stable, age 12, November 2006, throat slit by his father 
• M. E., age 13, November 2006, starved and deprived medical care by his parents 
• Brandon Williams, age 5, March 2007, poisoned and beaten to death by his mother 
• Criste Reimer, age 47, August 2007, thrown from a balcony by her husband 
• Jared Greenwood, age 26, September 2007, died of infected bed sores after being left in place and neglected by his mother 
• Francecca Hardwick, age 18, October 2007, locked in a burning car with her mother in a murder-suicide 
• Naomi Hill, age 4, November 2007, drowned by her mother 
• Shellay Ward, age 7, November 2007, starved and neglected by her parents 
• Maxwell Eyer, age 2, December 2007, beaten to death by his father 
• Maia Comas, age 2, December 2007, left to drown in a blow-up pool by her parents 
• Xiao Fei, age 20, 2008, poisoned and suffocated by her mother 
• Calista Springer, age 16, February 2008, chained to a bed and abandoned in a fire by her entire family 
• Courtney Wise, age 17, February 2008, starved to death by her mother 
• Ethan Scott Kirby, age 3, August 2008, beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend
 • Jacob Grabe, age 13, September 2008, shot by his father 
• Tom Inglis, age 22, November 2008, died after his mother administered an overdose of heroin to him 
• Christian Clay Jenkins, age 14, 2008, given an overdose of oxycodone by his father 
• Kyle Dutter, age 12, November 2008, shot by his father in a murder-suicide 
• Lexie Agyepong-Glover, age 13, January 2009, left in a frigid creek by her mother and died of drowning and exposure 
• Terrell Stepney, age 19, February 2009, poisoned by his grandmother in a murder-suicide 
• Jeremy Fraser, age 9, 2009, died of recurrent leukemia after his mother withheld the medication that would have saved his life 
• Shylea Myza Thomas, age 9, April 2009, " starved to death by her aunt, who then hid her body in order to continue to collect money she received for Shylea's care" 
• Pamela Camille Hall, age 59, April 2009, stabbed by her son-in-law 
• Lloyd Yarbrough, age 62, May 2009, fed an overdose of prescription medication through his feeding tube by his wife 
• Jeremy Bostick, age 11, September 2009, gassed by his father 
• Peter Eitzen, age 16, July 2009, stabbed by his mother 
• Tony Khor, age 15, October 2009, strangled by his mother 
• Betty Anne Gagnon, age 48, November 2009, tortured to death by her sister and brother-inlaw 
• Walter Knox Hildebrand Jr, age 20, November 2009, died of a seizure induced by his brother's physical abuse 
• Laura Cummings, age 23, January 2010, raped tortured to death by her mother and brother 
• Jude Mirra, age 8, February 2010, forced by his mother to overdose on prescription medications 
• Ajit Singh, age 12, February 2010, forced by his mother to drink bleach 
• Gerren Isgrigg, age 6, April 2010, died of exposure after his grandmother abandoned him in a remote area 
• Leosha Barnett, age 17, May 2010, starved to death by her mother and sister 
• Glen Freaney, age 11, May 2010, strangled by his mother 
• Payton Ettinger, age 4, May 2010, starved by his mother 
• Christopher Melton, age 18, June 2010, gassed by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Rylan Rochester, age 6 months, June 2010, suffocated by his mother because she believed him to be autistic 
• Kenneth Holmes, age 12, July 2010, shot by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Zain Akhter, age 5, July 2010, strangled with antenna wire by his mother, who first tried to make him drink bathroom cleaner 
• Faryaal Akhter, age 2, July 2010, strangled with antenna wire by her mother, who first tried to make him drink bathroom cleaner 
• Emily Belle Molin, age 85, August 2010, hit and run over with a car by her son 
• Rohit Singh, age 7, September 2010, beaten to death by his father 
• Zahra Baker, age 10, October 2010, murdered and dismembered by her stepmother and perhaps her father 
• Chase Ogden, age 13, October 2010, shot in the head by his mother 
• Karandeep Arora, age 18, October 2010, suffocated by his parents 
• Donald Parojinog, age 83, January 2011, starved by his daughter 
• Chad Jackson, age 25, July 2011, starved and neglected by his mother 
• Julie Cirella, age 8, July 2011, poisoned by her mother 
• Joseph Conant, age 11, July 2011, and Nacuma Conant 
• Noe Medina Jr, age 7 months, August 2011, thrown 4 stories by his mother 
• Benjamin Barnhard, age 13, August 2011, shot by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Jori Lirette, age 7, August 2011, decapitated by his father 
• George Hodgins, age 22, March 2012, shot by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Daniel Corby, age 4, March 2012, drowned by his mother 
• Malea Blakely-Berry, age 16, June 2012, starved by her mother 
• Alayah Savarese, age 8, June 2012, starved and denied medical treatment by her mother 
• Matthew Graville, age 27, July 2012, tortured and beaten to death by his half-brother 
• Melissa Stoddard, age 11, December 2012, suffocated in restraints that her father and stepmother routinely used 
• Darnell “DJ” Hunter Jr., age 18, February 2013, fatally neglected by his father 
• Robert Gensiak, age 32, March 2013, starved by his mother and sisters 
• Susan Walter, age 47, March 2013, beaten to death by her caregiver 
• Gerald Lakes, age 24, May 2013, starved and denied medical treatment by his parents 
• Alex Spourdalakis, age 14, June 2013, poisoned and stabbed by his mother and godmother 
• Matthew Hafer, age 28, July 2013, poisoned by his mother 
• Mary Swierzewski, age 59, July 2013, shot by father 
• Marian Roberts, age 57, August 2013, shot by her father in a murder-suicide 
• Jaelen Edge, age 13, September 2013, poisoned by his mother along with his sister Faith 
• Tamiyah Audain, age 12, September 2013, starved, abused and neglected by her cousin 
• Nathalyz Rivera, age 3, September 2013, starved and died of neglect by mother/father 
• Dameian “Luke” Gulley, age 14, November 2013, strangled by his stepfather 
• Randle Barrow, age 8, December 2013, drowned by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Mickey Liposchok, age 52, December 2013, shot by his father in a murder-suicide 
• Damien Veraghen, age 9, January 2014, poisoned and suffocated by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Vincent Phan, age 24, January 2014, shot by his mother in a murder-suicide 
• Gloria Martin, age 55, January 2014, stabbed to death by her nephew 
• Ayahna Combs, age 9, January 2014, neglected by her mother, who then wrapped her in a blanket and stuffed her corpse in a refrigerator 
• Garnett Spears, age 5, January 2014, poisoned by his mother who allegedly put salt in his feeding tube 
• Lucas Ruiz, age 17 months, March 2014, poisoned by his mother who fed hand sanitizer and perfume into his feeding tube 
• Michael Sudkamp, age 53, March 2014, abused and murdered by his caretaker/roommate 
• Anayah Williams, age 21 months, March 2014, beaten to death by her father 
• Billy Ray Young, age 52, March 2014, starvation and neglect 
• Raquel Espinoza, age 17, March 2014, starvation and neglect 
• Aidan Edward Bossingham, age 13, March 2014, starved by his mother 
• Jonathan Samuel, age 13, March 2014, shot, stabbed, and hacked with a machete by his brother 
• June Lang, age 75, April 2014, shot in the head • Max Clarence, age 3, April 2014, smothered by mother 
• Ben Clarence, age 3, April 2014, smothered by his mother 
• Olivia Clarence, age 4, April 2014, smothered by her mother 
• Robert Robinson, age 16, April 2014, fed lethal dose of pills by his mother 
• Caitlin Wentzel, age 12, April 2014, suffocated by her mother 
• Rebecca Cotten, age 22, June 2014, neglected, abused and starved by her mother 
• Samantha Marcus, age 17, June 2014, strangled by her father 
• Jarrod Tutko, age 9, August 2014, starved and dehydrated by his parents 
• Dayne William Hathman, age 6, August 2014, shot by his caregiver 
• Isaac Robitille, age 13, August 2014, poisoned by his mother who put alcohol in his IV 
• Linda Kelley, age 18, August 2014, neglected and denied medical care by her parents 
• Joan Stack, age 82, September 2014, shot by her husband 
• Frank Stack Jr., age 48, September 2014, shot by his father 
• Mary Stack, age 57, September 2014, shot by her father 
• Nancy Fitzmaurice, age 12, October 2014, fluids withheld under court order 
• London McCabe, age 6, November 2014, thrown off a bridge by his mother 
• Daryne Gailey, age 29, November 2014, throat slit by his mother, who then murdered his infant daughter 
• Katherine Lavoie, age 49, December 2014, shot by her husband in a murder-suicide